A. meaning of a music for life
Music is a universal language that can be used by anyone, by any means, and in any condition to express a situation or feelings. Even the music is able to treat various diseases. The disease most frequently encountered and were effectively treated with the music is stress. After troubled with various activities that had occupied his mind and energy, it helps us relax their nerves by listening to music so that the mind and nervous tension that had been able to relax and calm. Badanpun stimulated to become fresh again. For you who are not aware of it, try to listen to your favorite music or music that can take you to the moments of happiness. Even the music for many people is also a source of livelihood. Many people struggled in the field of music. Not only the musicians and musicians supporting the real sector but many sectors are working on this music. Many of us find such music studio, or home industry instrument makers, musicians jalananpun dependent much with music.

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